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Environmentally friendly plastic parts made of recycled material for the automotive sector

For numerous automotive manufacturers, the sustainability of raw materials is playing an increasingly larger role in the selection of materials. For instance, plastic parts often times require an alternative that is based on recycled materials on request. From a strategic competitive outlook for the OEM, the choice of recycled material is playing an increasingly larger role in their decision-making when commissioning orders, but

not all recycled material is the same. Often times, admixtures of 30% are already deemed recycled raw material, but the term “recycled material” gives the impression of a far higher percentage of reused plastic. Therefore, GOTEC Plastics has sought out a partner who meets these requirements.

With our offerings, we can ensure the use of recycled materials from high-quality, mono-material plastic remnants that are gathered and processed in direct logistics connections. Standardized, hi-tech processes ensure granulate quality equivalent to that of new goods. The sustainability of the offering is also important since the waste residues are subject to a quantity limit. You can assume that roughly 5% waste is created when manufacturing plastic parts. In this case, our Partner Guarantee specifies that quantities commissioned once can be secured over a long-term flow of materials.

Currently, GOTEC Plastics offers recycled material from the plastic groups PA6, PA66, PBT and POM, including as a glass fibre-reinforced compound. The products are manufactured with consistent product properties in close tolerances according to data specifications.