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Plastic in commercial vehicle construction

We implement complex applications in the commercial vehicle industry with functionality, robustness and cost effectiveness in mind.

Long-lasting plastic components for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles have special requirements such as reliability, maximum customer benefit, flexibility and cost effectiveness.
Whether it is trucks, buses, railway vehicles, construction or work machines, they all rely on production-optimised development with guaranteed product properties while keeping costs and weight as low as possible
Functionality and robustness determine the design.

Apart from conventional applications, plastic injection moulding offers interesting alternatives – mainly for metal substitution. Glass fibre-reinforced plastics are used here; apart from a good value for the price, they offer a high level of weight savings. The combination of metal casting and injection moulding can merge several component properties in a hybrid part and reduce the complexity of assembly. Generally, there are application solutions for plastic injection-moulded parts in all commercial vehicle fields.

Our product offering

  • Caps
  • Bump stop made of elastomer

The plastics can be heat-stabilised in accordance with the requirements in the engine compartment.

  • Fan wheels
  • Tension rollers, including with metal inserts
  • Bearing for exhaust or cooler, e.g. as a composite part
  • Bellows for air filters made of elastomer
  • Injection-moulded cooler expansion tank, also available as an assembly group
  • Intake manifold with bushings
  • Air filter housing with bushings
  • Injection-moulded accelerator pedal, also available as an assembly group
  • Oil pan, injected and – if necessary – installed
  • Shock absorbers made of elastomer
  • Caps, e.g. for fuel filter
  • Plug, e.g., for oil pan
  • Various clips
  • Bellows made of elastomer
  • Injection-moulded clutch pedal, also available as an assembly group
  • Handle for hybrid gear shifter
  • Transmission cap e.g., including with mounting parts
  • Transmission bearing
  • Dust protective cover made of elastomer, e.g. for gear shifter
  • Bracket for gear shifter
  • Plug
  • Hub cap
  • Caps for wheel bolts
  • Cap for brake cylinder
  • Cap for brake calliper
  • Piston for air spring
  • Stabiliser bearing made of elastomer
  • Bearing for cabin
  • Various housings
  • Cap
  • Bracket
  • Handle
  • Mudguard, depending on the size where applicable
  • Handle for storage box
  • Nozzle for windscreen wiper
  • Arm, door handle
  • Crank handle for door
  • Dowel for accessories or fastening clips
  • Housings, brackets and other parts for headlights
    Caps for batteries or the central electrical system
  • Cable ducts
  • Brackets for fog lights

Partner for commercial vehicle construction

GOTEC Plastics uses the right materials for numerous applications. Together with our project managers, you will find the right manufacturing concept that is cost-effective and tailored to your batch size. Furthermore, the IATF 16949-certified processes ensure consistent quality for the delivered products. Moreover, we are able to simplify the complexity of your product and control requirements thanks to module assembly.

Commercial vehicles

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