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Hybrid components

We fulfill complex requirements specifications using a combination of plastic and metal in a hybrid component.

Plastic and metal – numerous design options

By combining metaland plastics manufacturing in the GOTEC Group, we combine our decades of experience in both production fields to achieve high-level expertise in combining plastic and metal components. The hybrid injection-moulding process enables a form-fitting bond between plastic and metal in one process step. During the process, metal parts are placed in an injection mould and overmoulded with plastic. This creates components with a high level of design flexibility and that combine many different material characteristics. For small batch sizes, the moulds are manually fitted;for larger quantities, fully automatic handling systems perform the fitting and removal. As early as in the development phase, we advise you on which plastic should be ideally used for the component-specific challengein order to manufacture hybrid components efficiently and cost-effectively.

Hybrid components such as monitor housing

Premium synergy effects thanks to hybrid components

When it comes to hybrid technology, a distinction is generally made between two processes:
Insert technology sees plastic components be combined with components made of various materials. Metal inserts are mainly used during this process, and most of the time, they are fully overmoulded with plastic. This creates a stable bond between the metal and plastic – a hybrid component – making the subsequent assembly step superfluous.
Outsert technology ischaracterised by the fact that plastic elements are injected onto a metal carrier. The insert mostly has a greater volume and/or a greater surface than the plastic component. Undercuts or perforations create a stable bond between the various materials. Typical applications for hybrid technology include, for instance, inserting threaded bushes, magnets, axes, hubs, contacts, conductor tracks, sheet metal, or coils.

Plastic-metal hybrids for greater longevity

By combining the materials in a hybrid component, numerous requirements specifications can be ideally fulfilled, and exceptionally high-performance components can be generated. Whereas a single material often forces you to make compromises, our premium hybrid bonds offer benefits in terms of wear and heat resistance, stability or insulation. Hybrid components are mainly used in automobiles and on on-highway vehiclesto minimize overall weight and to save on production costs. Apart from weight savings, plastics furthermore offer greater design possibilities and are more favourable from an economic standpoint.

Manufacturing hybrid components

Hybrid components from specialists

Ourexceptional strengths lie in hybrid components that are tailor-made and manufactured according to your individual requirements. Together with GOTEC Plastics, you can create sophisticated projects with powerful metal-plastic composite systems.


Save time and reduce costs in the manufacturing process.


Combine different properties of any desired materials.


A large variety of functions and applications.

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