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Prototypes and small batches

From the idea to the product. Use prototypes and small batches to test if your component is ready for series production.

Plan. Develop. Test.

Prototypes allow you to accurately present your desired product. We help you develop the first or pre-series prototypes for marketing purposes or help you test and/or validate your ideas. We also manufacture small batches quickly and cost-effectively according to your needs. Developing injection-moulded parts, such as for the automotive industryor for medical technology, is a complex process that – according to experience – already defines 80% of the unit price. The crucial success factors in the process are a mix of competence, precision and speed. When evaluating new product developments and materials, it is often beneficialto manufacture prototypes and sample parts before products enter series production. During the process, the goal is to test the form and function and to ensure that your design optimally meets all your expectations. Furthermore, prototypes can help you to avoid costly rework on tools, machines and systems. At GOTEC Plastics, we accurately and flawlessly manufacture your desired prototypesand small batches. We use established process techniquesaccording to the purpose and batch sizes.

Construction of prototypes

Rapid prototyping for individual parts

We use FFF (fused filament fabrication) or FDM (fused deposition modelling)in 3D printing tomanufacturefirst model parts. With this 3D printing technology, thermoplastic materialsare processed based on data from the CAD program in order to manufacture three-dimensional prototypes. The coil-mounted filament is pulled in and heated by an extruder. Afterwards, the molten material is pressed out of the nozzle, and the model is built layer-by-layer on the printing plate. This process can be used to quickly and cost-effectively produce the first parts – the prototypes – based on your 3D data.

Vacuum moulding for small batches up to roughly 100 parts

Injection-moulding isthe most cost-effective solution for series production of plastic components. However, this process is only worthwhile as of a particular batch size. Smaller unit quantities quickly become unprofitabledue to high fixed costs for a mould. Vacuum moulding offers a more efficient alternative to the injection-moulding process for manufacturing small batches of up to roughly 100 parts.. In vacuum moulding, a silicone casting mould is produced in a vacuum chamberbased on a master model or a prototype. In this fashion, we can quickly and easily manufacture premium and low-cost plastic parts in small batches. The parts have a high surface finish and already have pretty good dimensional accuracy. Small rework may be needed since they are based on a master model.

Prototypes and small batches at GOTEC Plastics
Prototypes and small batches

Rapid tooling for small batches of up to 50,000 parts

To provide you with the best possible assistancein implementing small batchesof up to 50,000 parts,we also build tools using the rapid tooling process. No complete tools are created during the process; rather, only aluminium-based mould inserts for existing master forms. Your 3D data is used to manufacture shaping areas as well as the ejector assembly. Afterwards, our master form –together with the form insert produced for you – creates a functional injection moulding tool. Using this process, we can manufacture a tool for small batches using the injection-moulding process in a few weeks and at low cost. Tailor-made parts in series production quality. The possible shot counts is equivalent to the material chosen for the mould inserts.

Flexible and fast in prototype and small batch production

Prototype production helps you learn more about whether an idea or a productfulfills the role and additional technical requirements. By investing in prototyping, economic risks related to expensive series production can therefore be minimised. We can draw on years of experienceand many specialists in the field of design and manufacturing. Therefore, we are able to quickly manufacture prototypes and small batches at affordable prices for you.


Early identification of weaknesses or even optimisation opportunities.


Fast production of functional components.


We meet many different product requirements thanks to various processes.

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